About SCC

Southern Cross Cheerleading (SCC) now have two locations. Our Preston Gym, and our Westmeadows gym. We are one of the most successful cheer programs in the country. SCC is more than just a cheer club, we are a family.

Founded in October 2010, we have grown from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful cheer programs in the country. We now have 2 purpose built facilities with over 250 athletes and multiple university and scholastic programs calling our club home.

We offer programs for everyone aged 4 and above. This includes people brand new into the sport all the way up to some of the most experienced cheer athletes in the world. We are always excited to welcome new athletes into our family. Everyone will be offered a place at SCC. We have catered teams for athletes of all ages and abilities. This ensures we can place each person where they are best suited and maximise their enjoyment and progression.



At Southern Cross Cheerleading, our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for people of all ages and abilities to engage in sport. In a family-orientated environment, we work with each athlete as an individual. 

We emphasise that cheerleading is not only great for physical fitness, but also for learning and developing important life skills, self-confidence and social connections.

Our practice is based on education, fun and safe progressions in a family-friendly and respectful environment, enriched by knowledgeable coaches and staff.



OUR Values


Building belief in oneself and the team, while being treated as an individual.


Offering a safe space, inclusive for all people regardless of race, age, gender, or ability.


Encouraging a positive environment and support for each other across our community.


Is in the core of everything we do; we work hard but we love our work.


With honesty and openness, we will know and do what is right. 


Leading by example, and treating others the way you want to be treated. 


Building a strong support network whilst educating others in our quest for excellence.


How to join

There are a number of ways to join. The first thing you need to do is browse our site and see what programs we offer. Once you have done that, contact us and we will get things rolling! Upon enquiry to the club we will request some basic information about yourself and your experience in, or related to, cheer or dance which will then help us recommend the best way to get started.


We pride ourselves on making sure our staff are highly trained and all hold the same core beliefs of our great club. All coaches are fully certified to coach cheer, they also have current working with children checks. On top of this we hold regular training sessions throughout the year to ensure our staff are up to date with current techniques, are following their teams plans, and are creating and reassessing team goals where needed. Our coaches and administration staff are very approachable, supportive and happy to hear any concerns and address any situations that may occur. We also have a strong support network behind our coaches to help them through any situation. This is to ensure that our athletes are always in a safe and supportive environment


Eddie Davey

- Owner/Coach

Eddie has been involved in cheerleading for over 10 years, both as an athlete and a coach. He was awarded the 2016 Australian Coach of the Year and has built SCC up from a small group of kids to the successful club it is today.


Momoko Hamaguchi

- Owner/Coach

Momoko is one of the original members of SCC and has been coaching at SCC for over 6 years. She is in charge of overseeing the club and making sure things run at their best. She might always seem busy, but will happily assist you with any questions you might have.


Joel GazleY

- Administrator/Coach

Joel is our resident Canadian and has been involved with SCC since 2013. On top of coaching, Joel also takes care of the administrative side of things for us. He is a loveable giant and will help you out with whatever you need.