Gymnastic Classes

SCC offers some of the best tumbling and parkour coaching in Melbourne! We pride ourselves on focusing on the basics and making sure our athletes have mastered a skill before moving onto the next. Our coaches undertake constant education on the latest techniques and delivery methods to ensure that you learn the very best methods to master your skills.


We offer multiple tumbling classes for all athletes from beginner to advanced. Our coaches are will
teach you the correct methods to take you from your first forward roll to that skill you only dreamed of performing.

We offer the following tumble classes at SCC.


Open TumbleAllAllWednesday6:00-7:00pmCasual Attendance  Book Now!
Tumble XAdvancedAllWednesday7:00-8:00pmFilled



This class is a great way to enter the world of tumbling. Each class starts with education on the fundamentals of tumbling, followed with specific skill development, and ends with some free tumble time.

This class is booked on a per term basis.


This is a free time to work on your skills at your pace. A coach is present and able to assist with
whatever skill you are working on in a fun low pressure environment.

This is a drop in class, meaning you attend when you want but don’t need to commit to a term.


These classes are small group skill intensive sessions. With a maximum of 5 athletes per class, each session is designed to help your tumbling progress at a rate never seen before!
This class is booked on a per term basis. There are basic skill requirements for tumble X.



Beginner entry requirement - Nil.
Intermediate entry requirement - Back handspring skills.
Advanced entry requirement - Round off back handspring back tuck or higher.


Have you ever been walking down the street and gotten an urge to jump up onto that park bench?

Or climb that wall? Do you look at a playground and see infinite possibilities way beyond its original intention? If the answer is yes then Street Ninja! is for you. In this class you will learn the
techniques that the worlds best trickers and tumblers use to perform your very own urban assault
with a style all of your own. Best yet, we teach these skills using specialised equipment to simulate
the real thing so that you will be doing skills you never thought possible confidently in no time at all!


Street NinjaAllAllTBATBA Book Now!


These classes are booked and a per term basis and suitable to all skill levels from beginner to pro.