2018 National Championships & Australasian Pinnacle

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2018 AASCF Nationals & Australasian Pinnacle

What an amazing spectacle of cheer and dance this years Nationals & Pinnacle were! With over 12,000 athletes from across the country and even more spectators, this was a cheer event to a magnitude we have not yet seen in Australia.


There were 27 SCC cheer and dance routines that performed across the weekend at Nationals and pinnacle and each and every team, athlete, coach & supporter made us so very proud. Our club stood strong with 20 of these routines placing in the top 5 of their divisions, but also in a stellar display of sportsmanship and love for our amazing sport. 


We have been overwhelmed with the quality of performance our teams put on the floor, in both skill set and just how much they truely enjoy their sport, which resulted in the following results.



Legacy - open coed level 6

1st place & Grand champions - Nationals

1st place - Pinnacle

Legacy put 2 show stopping routines on the floor over this weekend. Continually stepping up to the plate with new pyramids and stunts that kept the crowd on their toes until the very end!


Zenith - senior level 4 

1st place - Nationals

1st place and highest scoring level 4 - Pinnacle

Zenith stepped their game to a whole new level this weekend! With back to back flawless runs these guys showed that they are some of the best level 4 athletes in the country! On top of the amazing results above, Zenith also placed 6th overall in level 4 at Nationals, such an amazing effort from this young team!


Interstellar - international open small coed level 5 (non tumble)

1st place & worlds bid recipient - Nationals

For a team that started this August, Interstellar is killing the game! These guys put a solid routine on the floor at Nationals earning themselves possibly the first ever worlds bid to be awarded in the non tumble level 5 division (to our knowledge). We are so proud of these guys and are excited to watch this team grow into the future!


Flare - open coed level 2

2nd place - Nationals

Once again Flare stepped out on that floor and put on an exciting routine that the crowd loved! We are so proud of how much this team has developed over the year with so many routine upgrades and new tumble skills.


Lady Reign - international open level 5

3rd place & worlds bid recipient - Nationals

2nd place - Pinnacle

Definitely a crowd favourite, Lady Reign stepped onto the floor with a new pyramid and tumble upgrades and did not disappoint! Hitting their season goal of earning a worlds bid, we are so proud of how hard these ladies have worked over the past season to reach that international standard of high level cheer and cant wait to take them to Orlando in April next year!


Aurora - senior level 3

3rd place - Nationals

6th place - Pinnacle

Aurora hit the mat with a their game faces on this weekend, with massive performance value these girls smashed out 2 solid routines including their first ever appearance at Pinnacle!


Zinc - open level 3

4th place - Nationals

With multiple tumble upgrades, Zinc put a great performance on the floor at Nationals. We love watching these guys step out on that floor and perform as they always go to another level in showmanship, well done girls!


Gravity - open coed level 4

5th place - Nationals

2nd place - Pinnacle

Always such an exciting team to watch! Gravity once again stepped up to the plate and put 2 solid performances on the floor. We are so proud of how much this team has grown through the season!


Eclipse - junior level 2

6th place - Nationals

We are so very proud of Eclipse! These guys put on an amazing display of execution and topped it off with copious amounts of smiles resulting in one of our favourite routines to take the mat over the weekend. The future is bright for these amazing athletes!




Starlites - junior novice dance

2nd place - Nationals (jazz)

12th place - Nationals (hip hop)

Watching this team grow over the season has been amazing! These girls stepped out on that floor and put on next level performances to what we have seen this season. We are so proud of these girls and what they have achieved so far in their dance journey.


Cosmic - open novice pom

4th place - Nationals

Way to finish strong Cosmic! The energy on the floor was huge, and you guys demonstrated timing and synchronicity in a way we have not seen from you guys before, such a great Nationals run!


Illusion - open dance

6th place - Nationals (pom)

7th place - Nationals (jazz)

6th place - Pinnacle (jazz)

Stacked in massive divisions (13 jazz teams & 19 pom teams) these guys put on their best performance this year with great timing and execution, we love watching these girls stepping up their game time and time again!


Halo - open lyrical

9th place - Nationals 

With a beautifully choreographed routine, executed with strong emotions these ladies really pulled at our heart strings. A solid placing in a monster division of 25 teams!




Kanna & Co - open level 5 group stunt

1st place - Nationals


Nebula - open level 2 group stunt

1st place - Nationals


Dan & Kat - open partner stunt level 6

2nd place - Nationals


Matt & Alex - open partner stunt level 6

3rd place - Nationals


Joel & Josie - open partner stunt level 6

4th place - Nationals


Kaitlyn & Alicia - open pom duo

4th place - Nationals


Our stunt and dance duos put on amazing solid performances at nationals, we are so proud of the level of execution and showmanship displayed by these guys and their placings reflect the quality they put on the floor, well done guys!


We are so proud of how far our SCC family has developed this year and after this amazing result at Nationals and Pinnacle we are so very excited to place our 2019 teams and get to work setting and achieving those new season goals. We would like to thank every athlete, coach, parent and supporter for your part in helping our club grow and develop to levels beyond our wildest dreams when we began, without you playing your part in this journey none of this would be possible.