2019 State Championships Recap

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What a fantastic weekend the Victorian State Championships was for SCC!
We are so proud of all the athletes that represented our club in both cheer and dance. All of our teams put on incredible performances that were fun to watch, and showed everyone how much hard work all the athletes have been putting in to every training session in the lead up to this competition.

Cheer and Dance Results.

Legacy - 1st Place & Level 7 Grand Champions
Lady Reign - 1st Place, Hit Zero, Pinnacle Bid & Level 5 Grand Champions
Sparkle - 1st Place & Pinnacle Bid
Gravity - 1st Place
Flare - 2nd Place, Hit Zero
Cosmic - 2nd Place
Illusion - 3rd Place
Starburst - 3rd Place
Eclipse - 3rd Place
Stellar - 4th Place
Aurora - 6th Place
Prominence - 7th Place

Stunt and Dance Duo Results.

Izzy & Vimmy - 1st Place & Qualified for Nationals
Maddy & Joel - 1st Place & Qualified for Nationals  
Black Hole - 1st Place & Qualified for Nationals  
Eddie’s Elite - 1st Place & Qualified for Nationals  
Francine & Brent - 1st Place
Killer Queens - 2nd Place & Qualified for Nationals  
Alice & Dan - 2nd Place & Qualified for Nationals 
Josie & Sam - 2nd Place & Qualified for Nationals
Southern Girls - 2nd Place 
Solstice - 2nd Place
Kyrewyn & Matt - 3rd  Place & Qualified for Nationals  
Nicole & Alicia - 4th  Place & Qualified for Nationals  
Mackenzie & Maya - 6th Place

We are so excited to see our teams come back after a short break, refreshed and ready for Term 4, and ready to get on the Nationals grind!